Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been waking up to male sure Hubby gets to work. He is recovering from a sinus infection and is really tired. I got snacks made and packed, kids fed and dressed and we headed out the door. Our Tahoe has been overheating so Hubby left us The Blazer. We are out the door, I unlock the car, load in our goodies, turn on the car, turn on the A/C and close the door to put the little ones in. At the exact same time I'm closing the door, Number One Son somehow managed to open and immediately close the passenger door and the car locks, running, A/C full blast with my purse and phone on the front seat. The house was locked. The kids and I headed to the backyard. I managed to push put the wood next to the window unit out and to my shock, Number One Daughter said, "yes" when I told her to crawl through the window to open the door from the inside with a key. Yea! Once upon a time, I had a spare Blazer key, but I couldn't find it. The kids and I walked next door to The Church and called Hubby and left a message on voicemail. Hubby had the spare key in his wallet. Almost two hours later, Hubby was able to get away from work, rush home, unlock the Blazer, turn it off, grab my purse, bring it inside, and rush back to work. Well, we missed Park Day. I felt so bad that I couldn't let our friends know what was happening until it was just about over. The rest of the day was filled with meltdowns and sibling fights. I headed off to the office to see my one patient. After work I had planned to take care of some paperwork. My boss came in and shared some medical news and them it was almost 7:00 PM and I didn't get my paperwork done. I came home, picked up Number One Daughter to reward her for helping out earlier in the day. So we went to Target then HEB, home to feed the kids and pets, brush teeth and then to bed. It makes me tired just thinking about it. My gift from heaven was Number One Daughter immediately saying, "yes."

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Abigail said...

Here's to a better day this Monday!